ogpoppy profile picTattooing is a constant learning process and I’ve got about a decade strait of ink game but way before I was tattooing, even as a kid i was always drawing,I remember always being excited showing my momma what I had drew up or made in art class She would smile which would let me know I did a good job.

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I gained my wings of Inspiration When my stepdad went to prison, it was his love letters he sent to my mom that truly inspired me to become an artist. She would get one of his letters and tears would fill her eyes, gently touching what pops drew up on the card – some sweet hearts huggin or a teddybear with a tear drop falling from his eye – it was art that expressed his soul and touched her heart…it was then I realized how art can be emotional and i wanted my art to mean more to people and i think for the most part each tattoo i do has some sort of meaning to the person whos getting it.

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