It's no secret Mother Nature offers her own healing treatments.

O.G.Poppy's trendsetting approach uses more all-natural products to create lesser healing times, no skin irritations or allergies from harsh chemicals, and less pain during the tattooing process, as well as recommends organic aftercare of your tattoo.

More organic aftercare gives my clients the best in body art!

When you use better products, you get better results. Going all-natural and using organic, recycled and "green" supplies offers an alternative from just slapping petroleum based A&D ointment on your tattoo.

first tattoo artist to go all organic natural tattoos worlds best tattoo artist


  1. Kipp Love says:

    OG thanks for all the help, your videos really helped me as a beginner. Now I feel so much better at doing tatts. Thanks man

  2. Giuseppe Leyva aka juice says:

    first of all i look up to u n im an upcoming artist wondering if u sell tattoo machines custom liners n shaders ?????

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